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Why become an Online Tutor?

What is an Online tutor?

An online tutor is exactly the same as a regular tutor. Though, rather than tutoring in person, you tutor your students through an online video call. Online tutoring has been seen more regularly since the start of the pandemic when classes resorted to online teaching. Now, it’s what many students prefer and is quite often more time efficient for both you and your student. Less time is taken setting up for the lesson, and the amount taught in the lesson can be maximised. This is why online tutoring is the go-to choice for many parents when looking to tutor their children.

Why Become an Online Tutor?

Online tutoring has many benefits and can help you when you’re just getting started tutoring, just as much as it can help out an experienced tutor. Here are a few of our top reasons you should become an online tutor.


Tutoring online allows you to be more flexible with your teaching methods. You don’t need to travel between students, so you are able to be more flexible with your time slots. Allowing you to tutor more students in the same length of time.

Classes can be more flexible, and things can be demonstrated much more clearly when sharing your screen and PowerPoint with a student.


Rather than writing in books or completing practice questions on paper, online tutoring allows you to use all the resources available to you through the internet. With these resources, you can create fun and engaging lessons or quizzes for your students.

Further reach

Without being constrained by how long it takes to get between locations, you are able to open yourself up to a wider number of clients. This is great for both you and your clients, as many of the top-range local tutors will be fully booked when many come to consider tutoring for their child.

Having a distance between you and your student can make them feel more comfortable, especially if they are shy. During Online tutoring these students may be more likely to ask questions or share their thoughts with you than in-person tutoring.

No travel costs

More students at no extra cost! You can save money and the planet by not having to drive to your next session!

Powertutors offers a range of different types of tutoring. If you’re interested in becoming an Online Tutor or seeing what other options we can offer you, check out our become a tutor page!

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