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How to find the right SEND tutor

As a parent of a child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), finding the right support for your child’s education can be a challenging task. As no one child’s needs are the same, and this can be especially said for SEND students, finding a tutor that matches your child’s needs and personality can be challenging. We’re here to guide you through the tips and tricks on how to find the best tutor for your child and why tutor agencies, like Powertutors, which specialize in SEND tutors can make finding the perfect match much easier.

Look for tutors that specialize in SEND education

There are many tutors out there, though not as many specialising in SEND tutoring. SEND tutors have appropriate SEND qualifications and experience working with SEND children. So, it’s important that you’re looking at the right group of tutors, to begin with.

Many tutoring agencies specialize in the world of SEND and offer high-quality tutors. All with background checks and the required qualifications needed to work with SEND children.

There are also a wide variety of tutors to choose from within the same agency. If your initial tutor doesn’t work out for whatever reason, our tutors can communicate with each other and seamlessly continue your child’s lesson plan. Having a minimal effect on their education.

Check the qualifications and experience of the SEND tutor

To make your life easier, many tutoring agencies, such as Powertutors, specialize in SEND tutoring. We require all our tutors to go through the needed SEND qualifications and will have a wide range of experience in working with SEND children.

Discuss your child’s needs with the tutor

Many tutors will carry out a SEND assessment which will allow them to tailor their teaching techniques to your child. Discussing these needs and lesson plans with the tutor will give both them and you a better understanding of your child’s education. It is also important to discuss any specific requirements or accommodations that your child may need, such as assistive technology or adjustments to the learning environment.

Ask for references and feedback

A good tutor and a good tutoring agency won’t be afraid of sharing their previous client’s feedback. To find reviews and feedback you can ask other parents or professionals for recommendations. You can also check online reviews and testimonials to check the quality of the service. This will help you make an informed decision about the suitability of the tutor for your child.

Monitor your child’s progress

Finally, it is important to monitor your child’s progress and provide feedback to the tutor. Regular communication with the tutor will help you stay informed about your child’s progress and identify any areas that need further support. Providing feedback to the tutor will also help them adapt their teaching methods and ensure that they are meeting the needs of your child.

In conclusion, finding a SEND tutor requires careful consideration and research. By following these tips, you can find a tutor who is qualified and experienced in working with SEND children, and who can provide tailored support to meet the unique needs of your child.

Powertutors offers a range of different tutors, from SEND to general home schooling. Enquire now to find the perfect tutor for your child.

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