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Choosing the Right English Tutor for Your Child: Factors to Consider

Finding the right English tutor for your child is a top priority for most parents. English is an essential language throughout the world and having the skills to use the language well will create a wide variety of future opportunities for your child. An experienced and skilled English tutor can provide personalized guidance, boost confidence, and enhance language skills.

Every child has a different background and their needs for an English tutor will differ.  With so many options available, it can be daunting trying to find the perfect English Tutor for your child. But, we’re here to guide you through the process on how to find the best English Tutor for your child’s needs.

Specialism and Expertise

If your child is learning English as a second language, make sure you’re searching for a tutor with a specialism in teaching English to a non-native speaker. Or they at least know how to teach English from a different perspective. Perhaps look for somebody fluent in your child’s native language. This will help make them feel more comfortable and be able to ask more questions.

If English is your child’s native language, it’s still very easy and understandable to struggle in certain areas. English is a very broad subject, covering reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, to name a few. It’s likely that you know there are areas in which your child is struggling more than others. Highlight this to tutors and try and find ones that specialise in the specific area your child needs to work on. Focusing on one specialism at a time will be less stressful and confusing for your child. A specialised English tutor will help your child gain a greater understanding of a specific area before moving on to others.

English Tutor Qualifications

Alongside English Tutor’s Specialisms, it’s important to note the qualifications and experience they have. To tutor a younger child, you might not need a tutor with extensive qualifications. But, if your child is preparing for their GCSEs or A Levels, it’s likely that you’ll want an experienced professional who really knows their stuff. This is when you need to start looking for tutors with degrees or other high level qualifications in English.

Many tutor agencies, like Powertutors, require tutors to have a minimum of a degree in their taught subject, so you can be assured you’ll have a high-quality tutor, no matter the level your child is at.


english tutorMaking sure the English tutor is a good match for your child is the important next step after finding your tutor. Arranging an Initial meeting or trial session between tutor and child will allow you to assess their interactions and whether their engagement, communication style, and the learning environment they create is right for your child. A positive connection between the tutor and your child will foster trust, motivation, and a willingness to learn.

Choosing the right English tutor for your child is a significant investment in their education and language development. This sounds quite daunting, but, hopefully, we’ve helped make clear the key things you need to be looking for in an English tutor.

Powertutors offers high-quality tutors for a wide variety of subjects, and we’d love to help you out in your search for the perfect tutor. Visit our 1-2-1 tutoring page to find out more, or Contact us here!

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