Is your child struggling with a subject or a topic and as a result loosing confidence in school? 

Is your child getting ready for their eleven plus entrance exam? Do you need help understanding the exam requirements?

We help schools and academic establishments by offering tutoring and recruitment services.

We help local authorities with placing tutors for students with Educational Health and Care Plans who need alternative provisions.

Allow us to pick trusted and reliable tutors who have a track record in successfully helping children in their academia.



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Private 1-2-1 Tutoring

We understand that the process of finding and selecting the right tutor is daunting. Whats more, the majority of parents does not know about the checks they should complete before letting their child be tutored by a total stranger! 

That's why at Powertutors, we take time to interview and fully vett the tutors who wish to join our team. We not only consider the subject and level but we also look into matching the right personalities to ensure a stronger rapport is built.

We are super selective about the tutors we work with.


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Powertutors works with UK Local Authorities, schools and universities, providing individual and group tuition. We deliver high quality provision, effectively and efficiently.

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Powertutors supports Schools with School - Led Tutoring Grants

The School-Led Tutoring Grant gives schools the resources they need to start closing the education gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers.

Powertutors is helping schools make the most of this funding. We have locally

based tutors, teachers, and learning support assistants available to deliver tuition programmes. 

11+ Exam Preparation

Eleven plus is one of the first important exams that children can take and to say it can be stressful and overwhelming on both the parents and the child, is an understatement.

The exam has different level of difficulty and style in most of the schools across the country. Children will not only have to ensure that they have a sound knowledge of maths and English but also learn how to problem solve and techniques to answer questions in a way which gives them the most amount of marks.

Our team of experts will discuss the schools you are applying for to check the exact requirements and put forward a tutor who has experience with preparing children for that school or similar.

Our eleven plus offering includes one to one tutoring, group tutoring and mock exams.

How does it work?

With tutors based all around England and available online as well as face to face, our power team loves matching the right tutor to your child's educational needs. The tutors we work with have to be professionals who care and are passionate about building the students skills, knowledge and confidence.


Talk To Us

Call us on 01737 652965 and have a no gimmick / no obligation call to discuss the challenges your child is facing. We will listen and understand the situation before offering a solution.


Get Matched

Our Powertutors team are experts in selecting the tutor who will build confidence in your child by strengthening their knowledge of the specific subject.



Once matched, we will check on the progress after the initial lesson and ensure that the lesson went well and following that we will always be here if you need any additional support!

Our friendly team at Powertutors can't wait to assist you!