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The benefits of home tutors: How one-to-one learning can transform education

Traditional schooling works for many children. Often it allows young minds to bounce ideas off each other, explain things that their peers may not understand and simply spend time with other children their age. But what if that’s not enough? What if your child needs additional support, or is unable to attend traditional school classes? This is where home tutors come into the mix.

ADHD tutoringHome tutors are able to help in a variety of ways, for example, if your child struggles with Special Educational Needs (SEN), such as ADHD or Dyslexia, which makes working at school distracting and difficult. Home tutors offer a time of one-to-one connection and understanding that will help them further their studies. This can be through practised techniques or setting up the right environment to study at home.

Even if your child doesn’t struggle with SEN there are a wide variety of benefits, they can gain through having a home tutor. Which can help them succeed in their educational journey and further beyond.

The benefits of a home tutor

There are some relatively obvious benefits to having a tutor, such as increased academic performance due to increased dedicated weekly study time. Alongside personalised learning plans to help them grow at their own pace. But we wanted to highlight some of the other key benefits you’ll see in your child when using a tutor.

Increased Engagement and Confidence

In a one-to-one environment, both shy and loud students alike are more likely to engage with lessons and actively participate in tasks. Especially when they feel that their thoughts and opinions are heard and they’re in a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

Having their voices heard can increase a student’s overall confidence. This is furthered when the additional study takes place within tutoring sessions shown in their regular classes. Developing greater assurance in their abilities.

Preparation for Future Learning

Home tutoring not only helps with current academic challenges but also prepares students for future learning and even the working life beyond. It equips them with effective study skills, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking and motivation that are invaluable throughout their educational journey.

Beyond academic subjects, tutors often instil a love for learning and teach important skills like time management, organisation, and goal setting. These skills are not only essential for academic success but also for personal and professional growth. Learning to manage your goals and professional career and most importantly, rationalising failure and learning from mistakes are invaluable lessons that tutors are able to bring to their students.

If you’d like a home tutor to help nurture your child’s education and bring out the skills needed to succeed through further education and beyond, get in touch with Powertutors today!

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