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How ADHD tutoring help’s build study skills and effective time management

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that can present significant challenges for students, especially when it comes to studying and managing time effectively. Its most common symptoms are difficulties with concentrating and focusing, alongside hyperactivity and impulsiveness. All in all, making a working and productive environment hard to achieve on their own. However, with the right support and strategies, like from that of an ADHD tutor, individuals with ADHD can develop the right skills to help them function in not only an educational setting, but in life as a whole.

Building Study Skills

Starting your child on specific ADHD tutoring at a young age can greatly improve their study skills and help improve their focus in a learning environment. There are a few ways in which a tutor helps with this in comparison to regular schooling.

Organisation Techniques

Teaching students how to keep themselves organised and on track not only allows them to study better and work more effectively especially when alone, but teaches them skills that can be applied outside of study and into the working world. These techniques include breaking down the tasks into manageable steps, writing down to-do lists and using planners to stay on track and organised.

Study Environment

Students with ADHD will likely struggle to focus, especially when at home with so many potential distractions around them. ADHD tutors help create a productive study environment which minimises distractions and promotes focus.

Tailored Learning Strategies

ADHD tutors work with students with ADHD to identify their learning style and preferences, adapting study techniques accordingly. Many of these methods are not explored with traditional schooling, so understanding the student and their way of work will allow them to find the way of studying which works best for them.

Improving time management with ADHD tutoring

Students with ADHD quite often experience “time blindness” this means that they have the inability to estimate how long a task will take or how much time has passed without checking a clock. A tutor can help manage time management by using a few methods.


Learning how to prioritise is invaluable, and teaching a student with ADHD how to prioritise their tasks and identify which are the most important is a key skill a tutor will teach.

Goal Setting and time blocking

Setting achievable goals, no matter how simple, will help a student with ADHD find the process overwhelming. Breaking up the end-goal with achievable tasks to tick off with allotted time towards them helps students allocate breaks and avoid overcommitting, to stay on track.


ADHD tutoring is a valuable resource that helps students with ADHD to not only focus on their studies and find the environment and strategies that work best for them, but also works into the long-term development of their professional career. See how Powertutors can help your child here.

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