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Tutor Testimonials

Hear from our wonderful tutors

A very caring and helpful admin team. I have been engaged in the work continuously. Thank you!

Anonymous Tutor feedback

The management and friendliness of the team, everyone treats you with respect and appreciation. I could not ask for a better team to work with.

Anonymous Tutor feedback

The team are very friendly and helpful. The lesson summaries are very user friendly and manageable. I am enjoying working with my pupils. Also I like the way I am given the freedom to get on with my own ideas.

Anonymous Tutor feedback

You’ve only given me a small box here! The team is fantastic at communicating information and seem to really love their work, which works for me because I love it too!

Anonymous Tutor feedback

Good communication when liaising about roles. Good understanding of the provision of SEN. Respectful of Tutors knowledge and experience and allows the Tutor to apply their experience however they feel is appropriate for the need. Great communication on phone and always available if need to check anything! Friendly, professional communication. Love how Tutor Cruncher works and the report side being so simple to use.

Anonymous Tutor feedback

I have only recently signed on to join PowerTutors. I had a very enjoyable initial interview and have been treated very kindly and nicely by the staff I have interacted with and have been offered some very interesting looking tutoring roles with some interesting sounding students. My experience so far has been very positive indeed.

Matthew Devereux

Professional Growth

We prioritise professional growth, equipping our tutors with advanced expertise in special education and multi-sensory teaching techniques to enhance learning outcomes for every student.

Work-Life Balance

At Powertutors, we value work-life balance by offering flexible job opportunities that seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, empowering you to thrive both professionally and personally.

Collaboration & support

Our collaborative environment is enhanced by dedicated support from our administrative staff and educational consultants, ensuring every tutor has the resources and guidance needed to succeed.

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