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What to look for in a Maths Tutor

Why you should Consider a Maths Tutor

When your child reaches the age of 11+ and they’ve taken the big step to secondary school, now’s when you really need to think about getting subject specific tutors, like an English or Maths Tutor, who really knows their stuff.

As your child gets older, it often becomes more clear what specific areas they need assistance in. Maths is a common subject that many people struggle with and having a solid understanding of this subject can lead to a great number of successful careers. So, finding that perfect Maths Tutor to help out your child is imperative to giving them the best help they can get.

What Qualifications should a Maths Tutor Have?

Technically, Maths tutors don’t need any qualifications. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have any qualifications. We recommend your tutor should have a minimum of a degree in maths or a maths-related subject, such as physics. This guarantees that your child is getting a tutor with the optimum level of knowledge, to answer any of those curious questions.

A DBS check is also recommended. Many tutors will prefer to teach your child alone, without you in the room, simply so there are fewer distractions. But ensuring that this tutor is safe for your child is in your best interest.

You should also try to find previous students of this tutor. See the difference they made, and ensure that they are capable of teaching their subject.

What communication should you expect?

A tutor should be professional, punctual and informative. Giving you updates on your child’s progress and intended lesson plans. Not cancelling tutoring last minute, and being able to connect and relate to your child.

Finding a Maths Tutor that your child gets along with will be imperative to have a successful tutoring experience. You should look for someone with an enthusiastic passion for the subject.

Why choose a Powertutor Maths Tutor?

At Powertutors, we run all these checks on our Maths Tutors so you don’t have to! You can rest assured that we only supply the best of the best. Our tutors require a minimum of a degree in their tutored subject, alongside experience in teaching or tutoring and absolutely must have a passion for their subject!

Check out our page on 1-2-1 Tutoring for more information, or contact us now!

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