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The Pros of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an enormous task for any parent to undertake, so we’re here to help you decide whether homeschooling is right for you, your child and your family. We’ve compiled some clear pros and cons to help you out, and, should you decide to try homeschooling, reasons why having a tutor come in on a regular schedule can help you stay on track



If you have a busy lifestyle, or need to travel around a lot, and aren’t always able to comply with the regular school schedule, homeschooling can allow you to work around your family’s lifestyle and needs. This can help grow familial bonds as you spend this time away with your children as opposed to hiring a nanny when you can’t b around.


If your child is struggling with the structuring and curriculum of a school, or maybe needs to work at a slightly different pace or in a different way from other children, homeschooling allows children and parents to work together to create a flexible learning plan that works best for their needs. 


With the rising classroom sizes of schools, more and more children aren’t getting the one-on-one attention they need to thrive. By Homeschooling your child, not only are they getting the one-on-one support they need, but it allows you to be involved with your child and actively engaged in their learning.

Social Activities 

Homeschooling can give your child more time to pursue their love of sports, music, or other hobbies. It also allows for more educational trips and socialisation opportunities for the children. It can allow them to be more active in the local community and attend events with other homeschoolers.

On the whole, homeschooling can be good for both you and your child if you’re willing to go that extra mile to ensure your child has the best learning environment at home.

We recommend that if you’re thinking about homeschooling, you consider hiring a tutor for regular check-ins to monitor your child’s progress. A tutor can help set tasks and advise you on how best to help your child succeed, helping you stay on track, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Even if you’ve decided that homeschooling isn’t for you, having a tutor monitor your child’s progress and give them that one-to-one interaction they may need can be a great help with your child’s education.

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