Tutor Declaration Form

Do you have a current DBS which is less than two years old?

Health Declaration

The Education (Health Standards) (England) Regulations 2003 require that Powertutors must ensure that a person has the health and physical capacity to teach. These regulations fall within an exception of the Equality Act 2010 legislation which permits health questions to be asked in so far as this is necessary to determine the ability of the applicant to undertake an intrinsic function of the work.

If your personal health circumstances change at any time which may impact your ability to work as a tutor for Fleet Tutors, then please advise us immediately.

I confirm I have no mental or physical health conditions that may affect my ability to work as a tutor or teacher.

Self Declaration

Powertutors requests tutors to hold a current enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) certification and to undergo a new check every three years unless you are subscribed to the Update Service. Any offer of assignment from Powertutors is subject to a satisfactory enhanced DBS check. You are required, before accepting any appointment, to disclose any conviction, caution or binding over including “spent” convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exemptions) Order 1975. Disclosure of a criminal background will not necessarily debar you from working with us – this will depend upon the nature of the offence(s) and when they occurred. Non-disclosure may lead to termination of your service contract with us.

The Department for Education (DfE) recently issued an update to its statutory guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education”.


This requires organisations which provide care for pupils under the age of 8, to ensure that staff ,volunteers or tutors working in these settings are not disqualified from doing so under the Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2018. 

Reference: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2018/794/contents/made

A person may be disqualified through

  1. Having certain orders or other restrictions placed upon them

  2. Having committed certain offences

You are required therefore to sign the declaration at the end of this application form confirming that you are not disqualified under those regulations.

A disqualified person is not permitted to continue to work in a setting providing care for children under the age of 8, unless they apply for and are granted a waiver from OFSTED. 

Reference: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/applying-to-waive-disqualification-early-years-and-childcare-providers

Please answer Yes or No to the following. *

Have you ever been the subject of an investigation or enquiry into abuse of, or inappropriate behaviour with, children or young people?
Are you aware of any police enquiries undertaken following allegations made against you, which may have a bearing on your suitability for this post?
Are you likely to be “Disqualified" should you work with children up to the age of 8 years?
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence by a Court of Law?
Are you currently under investigation, awaiting trial, verdict or sentencing in any criminal proceeding?
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  • Declaration

    I acknowledge that Powertutors is committed to safeguarding and the promotion of welfare of children and young people and to this end hereby certify that I am not on List99, disqualified from work with children, or subject to sanctions and have no convictions, cautions or bind-overs (or have attached details of my record as appropriate).

    I understand that any false declaration, misleading statement or a significant omission may disqualify me from a contract for service and render me liable for removal from Powertutors’ database.

    I understand that any tuition assignment offer is subject to references, a check on relevant qualifications, employment eligibility and criminal convictions, all of which must be deemed by Powertutors as satisfactory.

    I understand that once accepted I will be bound by the Powertutors terms and conditions and may not approach clients directly to offer tuition or undermine the relationship between Powertutors and the clients.

  • Data Protection Statement

    The information that you provide on this form and that obtained from other relevant sources will be used to process your application with us.  The personal information that you give us will also be used in a confidential manner to help us monitor our recruitment and placement processes.

    If you are successful in your application and take up a contract for service with us, the information will be used in the administration of your contract with us and to provide you with information about us or third party processes we adopt in our business management e.g.: timesheets, payslips etc. We may also use the information if there is a complaint or legal challenge relevant to this recruitment process.

    We may check the information collected, with third parties or with any other information held by us.  We may also use or pass to third parties, information to prevent or detect crime, to protect public funds, or in other ways as permitted by law.

    By signing this application form we will be assuming that you agree to the processing of sensitive personal data (as described above), in accordance with our registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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