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Name: Karis

Role: Senior Student Case Manager

Favourite subject at school: Music

About Me: When I was in school I didn’t know what I wanted to do for my career, all I knew was I wanted to help people and know each day I made a positive difference to someone. I have that and so much more at Powertutors. I struggled at school being a mid-range student so when I speak to a parent or student who just need that boost from the right educator I know exactly where they are coming from.

I love the journey I take with every family when they are looking for the right tuition. Every student needs to know their educator is the right person for them, to adapt to their needs. Whether it’s after school tuition and needing a boost to get that higher grade to get into that next place or just to know ‘I can do it.’ To children with extra needs who need that right educational support to adapt and grow to show their bright light.

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