Supporting children returning to school - post lockdown

How can we support our children on their returns back to school after lockdown?

This is an important time to really seize the moment and think, yes, this is happening now. My child will be entering into another big change - school returns!!

Here are some small pointer’s to help you along this journey…

Spreading Calmness

Anxiety travels… You may be wondering whether to send your child back to school. We all have different feeling’s towards school right now, but more-so feeling’s of wanting the best for your children whilst considering their personal well-being levels. We really understand the current worry of your child being overwhelmed with the new sudden increases in academic workload. Remember, it has been a long few months and in-fact a year of un-settlement. Taking the time to re-assure your child here is really important. And of course, if you are in the position to reach out for further support - make sure to arrange for some educational alternatives in support of their return back to school - e.g. Extra tuition support! Preparing children for returns - (re-connecting) Try to prepare children back into their usual school supporting routines. It is important for them to go to bed at a reasonable time, so your child can wake up early ready for their day of school. It is best to get your child to run through a practice run before returning back to school at least a week before (start now!) Normalising Children right now are feeling as anxious as we are; changes make people feel strange and even more worried. Remember, some find it harder than others. We may not all find it easy to get back into another new norm again. To normalise this, provide your child with as much information as possible about their new routine. For younger children, it can become very hard for them to visualise the classroom space again - if you can, get the teacher to provide some sense of classroom visualisation, even if that may be a new classroom picture. Also, another really great way would be to drive past their usual schools, so that they can normalise themselves to their usual place of learning - not the house living room! A small tip to their returns - it is important to treat the beginning date - 8th of March as the beginning of a new school year (this will help with their mental acceptance of back to school). Different Experiences Children have all had different experiences during their lockdown time. Some children have had a really great time being at home with their loved ones - spending even more time than they usually would, with their families. However, there have also been other children who have been surrounded by difficult family situations even more-so than usually experienced. Their return back to school may be difficult in terms of their socialising. Thus, it is important to prepare our children with their mindset of returning back to school - being a positive transition and a safe place to learn. If you are a worried parent who is now concerned about their transitioning into school, don’t worry - this might also be a great time for you as a parent to get more in touch more than you usually would with their schools. There is no harm in checking in to see how they’ve been getting on!

Forward Thinking

As important as it is to think about what has happened, it is also important to instill the development of excitement towards the approaching future. Particularly in these times, it is hard to feel positive, but spending the time to highlight the things that your child is to look forward to, will help them realise that the current situation will not last forever and over time, will create a new sense of positive feeling’s for them.

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