Making book day a priority everyday!

Making book day a priority everyday - how to make reading exciting and different?

It’s hard being a little one and having so much energy with limited spans of focussed attention to one thing. However, do you remember the feeling of loosing track of the time whilst reading a really exciting enduring book. Have you ever got to that point where you could not turn that page fast enough?

The love of reading is a gift which really helps to boost our imaginations, placing us in a painted story which we begin to live in. Living this experience, is really what really grips our attention even more. Reading notably helps sharpen our senses alongside enhances our mental developments for all ages. It is predominantly regarded as the foundations to a child’s cognitive development and can be exercised through the use of a daily routine. Books are a great striking point to get your child to discuss new topics and also helps you as a parent to understand how your child interprets literacy content.

The below lists different formats to motivate your child to pick up their books to read;

1.0 Acting out a book character

Whilst reading, try and get your child to act out and imagine themselves to be one of the characters from the book. What facial expressions and voices can they place to this character? They can even dress up or apply use of props during their story time to enable the creativity to disperse! Pretending to be a book character is one of the most helpful ways in helping a child to understand their comprehension of the book they are reading - they become so enraptured as they are taken into the unknown world of their imagination doing all the further work!

But also, as a parent, it is really important to keep book characters “alive.” As you face different situations in your days, ask your child, how would the ‘Character’ handle this situation...

2.0 Incorporating art into your story time

Combining reading and writing with creative explosions through art - enables your child to explore their creative minds through a bit of fun time! Parents, bring out the crayons, paper, colouring pencils and even get your child to design their own cover or even book mark for the book they are currently reading! why not even try drawing the characters? Your child could even cut them out and use them as puppets, making story time even more fun!

This enables a sentimental attachment to what they are already doing and excitingly develops a lovely personalised collection related to the book they are reading.

3.0 Book Reading Timetable

Creating a book reading timetable for your child will really help place some focus into their reading routine. This timetable can be a fun checklist of pages which they have read, feelings felt towards the read section and also enabling time for you to mark their performance (in preparation for a potential week end treat).

4.0 Making Memorable Rewards

Parents, applying memorable rewards from your children’s books, such as making a yummy treat from what maybe one of their book describes. This enhances your child’s connectiveness to their book, enabling them to live the story in a different way! Furthermore, you can immerse your child even more by taking them to a location from the story. By re-creating this space from the book, enables your child to fully live the experience in a visually present way (If possible) - field trips are real great extensions to living these shared experiences.

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