How to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home

To keep us and our loved ones safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us will be facing hours, days, weeks and maybe months at home.

The widespread school closures mean we are all attempting to find ways to smoothly transition kids into a home based programme. Its one thing to entertain them all day at the weekends but its another when you have to do it 7 days a week indefinitely, especially without the help of museums, soft plays and play dates.

It goes without saying that the academic part is vital, whether you are choosing to use online tuition or creating a home programme yourself based on the curriculum and school work. But what other activities can you do to create a balance, teach them new skills, give them fun experiences and avoid too much screen time.

Here are 9 activities that can be done at home and adapted by age to entertain our lovely little ones:-

1.Kitchen Creations

Definitely one of the best things to do with kids and a valuable life skill. Whether it be baking, preparing dinner or creating a lovely afternoon tea.

2.Paper Planes

Use any scrap paper you have and create different designs and sizes. For older children create a competition or research the history of aviation alongside it

3.Silent Family Disco

Use your headphones, show off your dance moves and let the other family members guess what song you are dancing to


This can be adapted to every age and ability and can last for hours! Pick something to paint and keep the creations for a loved one

5.Treasure Hunt

Indoors or Outdoors, write some clues and get them thinking and working together

6.Board Games

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned game of monopoly or guess who


This could be a great way to get active and get a chore done for older kids and an opportunity for younger children to learn more about plants, insects and seeds.

8.Record a Story or Song

Record the kids reading an animated story or singing a song to send over to a family member or friend. A great way to build confidence and stay connected

9.Make a Family Tree

This can involve photos, research, drawing and lots of discussion about memories

Whatever you choose to do, remember you are doing great in challenging times and making memories!

Stay safe and well!

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