How do I choose the right Independent Secondary School?

Investing in Private education is a huge financial commitment, therefore choosing the right school to shape your child’s future should be picked on a number of factors including factual information and parental preference

Initially it pays to think of the basics like, do you want a day or boarding school? Single sex or Co-education?

Undoubtably, every parent wants to find a great Secondary School, one that is ideal for your child, get the best out of them, with great teaching and extensive facilities to match. With this in mind, we have put together some key questions to ask or consider when picking a private Secondary School to ensure that the school you choose is right for your child

1/ Reputation- Does the school have a good reputation in the local area? How long has it been established? Does it belong to any recognised educational bodies?

2/ Academic record- Does the school have a good academic record? What percentage of pupils go onto College/University or get into Oxford or Cambridge?

3/Curriculum- What does the curriculum include? Is it well balanced with sports/performing arts or is it academically focussed?

4/Size- How many children attend the school and what is the average class size? What is the teacher/pupil ratio? What is the Head Teachers experience and longevity?

5/Religion and Diversity- This can be an important factor for some families. Does the school practice a certain religion? How do they ensure that children whose first language is not English are supported? What languages do the school teach?

6/Reports and Updates – What progress reports or updates are offered and how often? How much contact does the school have with parents?

Once you have all your information, draw up a short list and of course visit the open days so you can speak to the students and teachers first hand! You should then be in the best possible place to make a great decision for your child and family.

In case you need guidance on picking a perfect primary school too, check out last weeks blog!

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