Top Seven Tips For Preparing Your Child For The 11+ Entrance Exam

11+ Exam Preparation

Everyone wants their child to achieve the best possible grades in the 11+ entrance exams. These seven simple tips will improve the chances of success for any student facing the upcoming exams.

1. Initial Assessment tests:

It is extremely important for the student to sit a similar assessment test prior to the actual exams under exam conditions. It helps the child to understand what is expected of them, and identify the parts where he/she is struggling. Focussed revision can then take place to prepare the pupil in the most efficient way for their exams.

2. Focussed Revision:

It is important to help your child concentrate their revision on the topics they find most challenging. Students easily gravitate to revising the content that they already understand, because it is “easy”, but this is not beneficial. It is important to help your child grasp a basic understanding of all topics that might come up, especially maths and vocabulary. The marks will be given for anything credit worthy, so even a basic understanding will gain some credit.

3. Interview Questions:

As well as the written exam, it is important to prepare your child for the interview questions too. Presentation is key. If the student knows the types of questions that they will be asked, it makes it easier for them to answer, which will enable them to get more credit overall. Try to get different people to ask your child as many interview style questions as possible so that they have an appropriate response for any challenge that may occur.

4. Revise Early:

Try to get your child to start revising as soon as possible. Last minute cramming isn’t the most beneficial way to revise. Help the pupil devise study time tables, so that their revision is structured and constant. This will help develop the methodical filing cabinets in their brain. It will also give enough time to allow the student to cover all topics within their revision.

4. Extra Curricular Activities:

Although the educational curriculum content is crucial for all students preparing for the 11+ exam, it is also important to mix up their days with various extra-curricular activities. These are crucial both for the Childs socialisation, but also for the experiences they bring. If your child can present with a good academic knowledge, as well as having multiple experiences, it will put them in good stead for whatever school they are aiming to get into.

5. Pressure:

The 11+ exams are crucial for your child, so it is understandable that you want them to do well. However it is important not to pressure them too much, even if you think you are just being supportive. Your child can only perform to a certain level, and pressuring them actually tends to make them do less well, because they are stressed. It is therefore key, that the pupil is supported, but not forced to work harder than they are capable.

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