Online Tuition Interview With A Parent

Powertutors has successfully conducted hundreds of hours of online tutoring lessons. In this post we thought we would interview one of the student parents who is receiving online tuition and we have asked them the mos frequent questions we receive.

How did you find out about online tutoring?

Basically, I hated the thought of online tuition. My son was preparing for his 13+ Eton Entrance examination and one of my friends recommended to contact Powertutors. They mentioned they have excellent tutors with excellent track record but are not able to make the travel distance to my home. Online tuition then came into conversation, next thing I know my son loved his tutor and told me he favored the online method since he can do it at anytime and anywhere.

How effectful was online tutoring?

I think the evidence of my son entering into Eton is enough to prove that online tuition works just as well. Whats more is that since online tuition does not depend on a physical location, he has carried on obtaining tuition from his tutors. I am particularly happy about this factor.

Did you think your son was focused during the lesson?

The little monster had no choice! Powertutors sent us an online tracking sheet for all the subjects, where after each lesson the tutor would input notes. I didn't have to ask my son how the lesson went, all I had to do was to check the sheet and then I instantly knew what was going on. To be honest, distractions can happen via face to face tuition too. My little daughter had this tutor once or maths and after each lesson she would cry to me saying "he is such a bore mummy". Nothing would sink in after the lessons and I paid the tutor quite a lot of money. So I learned it is not about the method of tuition whether it is online or face to face, it only depends on the tutor themselves.

Would you recommend it to anyone?

Goodness me. Yes, of course and I already have done so. Powertutors have been utterly helpful throughout the entire process. I am glad I tried it out for my son and would recommend it to anyone!

What were the negatives of online tuition?

I guess sometimes our wifi wasn't properly working ad so the lesson was disrupted but every time this happened, the tutor made sure to add extra time to account for the lost time.

There aren't many negatives as honestly it's the same as face to face only that I don't need to have the initial chit chat with the tutor or make them coffee when I am super busy myself!

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