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Risk assessment

Home 2-1

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Home 2-1 situation, with no parent present

To ensure the safety of the tutor during situations which occur in the pupil’s primary residence, without the presence of a parent or carer please ensure that the following guidelines will be met during every tutoring session.
Is an additional responsible adult able to be within the learning environment during all tutoring sessions, and does this adult appear to be fit for this role?(Required)
Where this person is an LSA ensure that they are aware and up to date with safeguarding requirements?(Required)
Is this designated responsible adult aware that they must always be within the room that the tutoring is taking place in, and where this is momentarily not possible ensure that they are able to hear and see the room in which tuition is taking place in?(Required)
If there are any concerns about the other responsible adult within the tutoring session ensure that this is raised with Powertutors, or the case worker as soon as possible.
Is the learning environment suitable for tuition to take place in?(Required)
  • There is a suitable desk and seating for the pupil.
  • There is a suitable desk and seating for the tutor.
  • The environment is appropriate for learning according to the child’s EHC plan.
  • Any animals are removed from the educational environment, either in another room or a garden, unless appropriate, such as a service or therapy animal etc.(Required)
    Are there any visible risks within the learning environment.(Required)
    Are there any risks that you can anticipate occurring within the learning environment not covered within the learning environment survey that had previously been sent to you?(Required)
    I am comfortable and available to provide tuition within this learning environment and acknowledge that any changes in my situation, or the learning environment that could impact the safety of the tutor, or my ability to provide tuition should be reported to Powertutors immediately.(Required)
    Where the students’ primary learning environment is outside of the home such as a library, I am confident that I have enough information to carry out a risk assessment for this environment, and that I am able to ensure that this risk assessment is followed to minimise risk to both the student, myself and members of the public.(Required)
    If the primary learning environment is outside of the home, I am aware of any existing risk assessments, evacuation plans and points, as well as any other additional information that I may need to ensure the safety of the student and to ensure their safety and learning during all tuition sessions.(Required)
    I am comfortable with any action plans for challenging behaviour which may cause harm to myself or the student and am able to action these points with the support of the other responsible adult present.(Required)

    Tutor declaration

    I declare that I have read the risk assessment pertaining to the pupil and will act according to any recommended mitigations and been through the tutor risk assessment for the primary learning environment.

    • I declare that I will advise Powertutors of any notable changes to the risk assessment in place to Powertutors

    • I will declare any issues with educational provision or student behaviour to power tutors immediately after the session.

    • I declare that I have read the EHC plan pertaining to the pupil and will ensure that educational provision will be in line with recommendations for the pupils learning.

    • I declare that I have read and will adhere to the safeguarding policy set out by Powertutors, and that any safeguarding concerns will be reported immediately after a tutoring session.

    • I declare that I have read and will adhere to the safeguarding policy and know where to locate Powertutors safeguarding disclosure form.

    • I declare that I am aware that I am responsible for all my personal property and that these should be stored appropriately.

    • I declare that I, where appropriate have emergency contact details for any pupil outside of their home, such as in a library setting and that any risk assessments for these situations are suitable for the pupil in line with their EHCP, behaviour in previous sessions, and any information about the pupil from their parents or carers.

    • I declare that I am aware of my responsibility to provide Public Indemnity Insurance for any sessions which are conducted through Powertutors

    • I declare that I have easy access to emergency contact information for the student and Powertutors

    • I declare that in the case of an emergency I will immediately contact the relevant emergency services.

    • If it is educationally appropriate for the student to go to a different environment during tuition session I will send a risk assessment based on the child’s EHCP and my knowledge of the students behaviour and the location of the trip.

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