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Double Award Science

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Our GCSE Double Award Science class covers the core topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics which are covered by all exam boards. The students are presented with exam questions to practice as well as reviewing practicals.

Meet the GCSE Science teacher

About Mohammed

I have more than five years of experience teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.  

My aim is to develop a long-term proficiency in each of my students.
What does this mean? In other words, and to quote one of the greatest minds in the 20th century, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think” (Einstein). It is my belief that tutoring does not solely entail explaining subject content, although it is undoubtedly necessary, but it covers and tackles problem solving ability, independent critical thinking and exam technique. These aspects are oft-neglected by many teachers and tutors alike but are imperative in exam success. 
My Teaching Approach: 
1. Identify gaps in knowledge through broad assessment, instilling exam technique from the onset. 
2. Provide the core principles, building a foundation of application skills and critical thinking — so that they can have a deeper understanding and greater grasp of the subject beyond the confines of the curriculum. 
With almost all of my students, I find that the most important thing is to help them to develop their ability to make links between existing knowledge and “difficult” questions so that they can answer them — we are inherently good at recalling what we have learned, but something that is essential is the ability to use that knowledge to answer questions which are unfamiliar and designed to catch you out, particularly the new A-level questions. 
3. Assess pupils’ understanding through exam-style worksheets (including for planned homework) and open-ended questioning. 
4. Engage and challenge students with problem solving tasks that break down complex concepts. 
5. Equip students with sound exam technique and preparation, exploiting previous mark schemes so that students are aware of the buzzwords that guarantee marks, along with potential pitfalls in questions. This will help push them towards the highest grades. For example, in 2019, the difference between a Grade 6 and Grade 7 was as little as just six marks in many of the OCR Chemistry papers. These can be lost easily because of sloppiness and unfamiliarity with exam-style questions. 
My love for teaching began at the age of 16, when the Math's department in my grammar school asked me to mentor younger students who had a modest grasp of the subject.  This interest in teaching has followed me since. Before the height of the pandemic, I was employed as an 11+ tutor at a local Montessori primary school where I would run sessions after school. At my dental school, I sit on mock interview panels for prospective dental applicants and help in organising and running mock examinations for younger dental students.

Throughout my experience of tutoring, I have found it to be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.

Mohammed M.

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