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1. a      Powertutors Ltd. works as an agency that facilitates private tutor arrangements between a student and a self-employed tutor.

1. b      The term tutor, refers to the provider of tuition, teaching or consultations in the agreement.

1. c      The term student or client refers to the recipient of the tutor and or the person by arrangement responsible for payment of the tutors sessions.

1. d      Any form of tuition, of any length that is completed face to face or the online methods will be referred to as a session.

1. e      In engaging the services of the tutor, the student/client enters into an agreement with a self-employed individual.


Unethical Practice

2. a      The student is overall responsible for the completion and quality of their academic work and applications. The tutors role is focused around advice, support, coaching and reinforcing of topics. A tutor should never be requested to complete any written work on behalf of a student.

2. b      Powertutors does not condone any practice that could be interpreted as plagiarism or violation of intellectual property rights.

2. c      In the event that any party found to be in breach of these terms or acting unethically Powertutors reserves the rights to withdraw the services with immediate effect with no option of refund or payment if it has already been made.

2. d      Any arrangement made directly between tutor and student without the knowledge or acceptance of Powertutors and without correct payment to Powertutors will not be protected under these terms. In addition, Powertutors reserves the right to seek financial damages and compensation in these instances.

3. a      Payment should be made to Powertutors upon receipt of an invoice being emailed to the client/student or in advance of the arranged session.

3. b      Payment should be made within 7 days of the invoice being sent.

3. c      Late payment of 5 business days or more will results in a 10% fee being applied for every week beyond this point that the invoice remains unpaid, a further £10 late payment fee will be applied.

3. d      The administration fee of £19.99 will be applied only if you wish to go ahead with tutoring following the initial lesson.

3. e      Payment and hourly rate should not be paid or discussed with the tutor directly. Any sessions will be invoiced by Powertutors and paid directly to them, not any third party.

3. g      Preparation work, travel charges or any other expenses will not be made unless prior agreement is given by the student to Powertutors in writing in advance of invoicing.

3. h      Payment for sessions should be made to Powertutors only. Payment under no circumstances be made directly to the tutor without a written permission from a member of the Powertutors team.

3. I       In line with our recommendation scheme, if a client/student recommends a friend to Powertutors that is successfully matched and has commenced tutoring for at least three sessions, a one off £20 credit will be added to the original clients account.

4. a      A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling of any session is required by either party.

4. b      In the event that less than 24 hours notice is given, full payment will be requested for the lesson. Where extenuating circumstances may arise, cancellation charges may be waved at the discretion of Powertutors.

4. c      In the event the tutor cancels without minimum notice, the student has the right to cancel further sessions and is entitled to a refund for that session and future pre paid sessions, if applicable. Powertutors will endeavour to rematch the student as soon as possible.



5. a      In the event that a dispute arises between a tutor and client/student, Powertutors  will act as an impartial body that will investigate and seek to find a resolution, in line with the terms and conditions.

5. b      In the event that the client wishes to dispute the hours billed for invoice, Powertutors will investigate and examine the tutors timesheet prior to making a decision.

5. c      It is Powertutors policy that there must always be an adult present when tuition is taking place. No student under the age of 18 will be left alone and the tutor should not be left in charge of the minor at any point.


Termination of Tuition

6. a      A tuition match may be terminated at any time by either party with the required notice (minimum 48 hours).

6. b      Termination must be requested from Powertutors in writing and any outstanding invoices must be honoured within the timescales laid out in section 3.


Acceptance of terms

7. a      By contacting Powertutors and upon tutor selection match, the client/student will be considered to have accepted these terms in their entirety. This will be reiterated via the matching email.

7. b      Acceptance of these terms will also be in line with the acceptance of our privacy policy that is published on our website.

7. c      In accepting these terms, it is understood that Powertutors makes no guarantee as to the tuition outcome results, as a consequence of embarking on the tuition sessions with the tutor.

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