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Challenges and Benefits Within Tutoring

Being a tutor isn’t an easy job, there are plenty of challenges that you will face, should you decide to make a start in this field. But we’re here to make you aware of these challenges, to tell you why it’s all worth it in the end, and show you the benefits within Tutoring.

Each challenge presented with being a Tutor will affect an individual differently. There may be some elements of being a tutor that you find difficult, while others excel. This is the same as the opportunities you will come across, some may enjoy the flexibility that comes with being a Tutor but others may prefer working in a strict pattern. We’re here to point out things you need to be ready for and tell you our key challenges and benefits within Tutoring.

Challenges Within Tutoring

Finding Clients

When beginning your career as a Tutor, especially with no prior teaching experience, it can be hard to find clients and justify your suitability to tutor their children. In the modern era though, this is becoming increasingly easier. Setting up your own Tutor blog or social media site is bound to get you noticed. After gaining a few clients and some results, you can easily boost your Tutor reputation!

Keeping up with the curriculum

Schools teach different curriculums and use different exam boards. It is important to know which one your student is going to be tested against, and keep on top of any changes made to each curriculum. This is tedious work as many of these exam boards require the student to answer questions in specific ways to gain top marks. It’s a Tutor’s job to keep on track and boost their student as best as possible.

Enforcing boundaries with Clients

Times are a little difficult at the moment, as the cost of living has gone up dramatically and the importance of proper education remains high. This means that clients may become lax on their payments to you for your services. It is important that you make your boundary’s in this respect very clear before you begin working with your client.

Benefits Within Tutoring

Flexible hours

Tutoring comes with flexible hours as you manage your own time and clients. It means you can easily take those weeks off work to go on holiday and manage as little or as many clients as you need to support yourself. Some people love this lifestyle and are able to manage themselves and their time accordingly. But others struggle with the freedom Tutoring provides and prefer strict schedules. In which case maybe Teaching is for you!

Build relationships with students

The one-to-one connection you get working directly with a student is nothing compared to that of working with a class of 30. With a strong Student-Tutor relationship, students will be more likely to stay motivated and engaged in their learning. In having this one-to-one time, you are able to answer their direct questions and encourage shy students. Giving them the confidence they need to improve, both in your sessions and at school.

The fulfilment of watching a student grow

One of our favourite parts of being a Tutor is watching our students grow to their full potential. Being with them through their success and seeing that your hard work had gotten results. But also planning new approaches when things don’t go fully to plan.

There are many more benefits within Tutoring. Working with Powertutors will help you build a tutoring community, help you find clients and deal with difficult ones on your behalf.

If this feels like the next step in your career, click here to become a Powertutor today!

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