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Powertutors is a tutoring agency helping you connect to the best tutors in England

Powertutors is a tutoring agency helping you connect to the best tutors in England. Unlike other agencies, we take time to listen and understand your enquiries before suggesting a tutor.

Our HR team fully vets our tutors by interviewing, reference and DBS checking each individual. Our ethos revolves around "if we would let the tutor teach our children then we will be happy to work with them".

We also take pride in donating to causes which we believe in. Every year we choose a charity focus on children with special needs to which we donate £1 from each invoice. With your help our goal is to donate at least £10,000 each year. If you are a charity and want to be included on our waiting list for next years, please contact enquiries@powertutors.co.uk .


BSc Mathematical Science

Work Experience Prior to Powertutors:




To start a virtual school focused on real life learning material and to open a charity - helping children with special educational needs.

What makes a good tutor?

A good tutor or a teacher is someone who is compassionate and is able to adapt their teaching style to the individual student. It upsets me when I see a student lose their confidence in a subject they used to love just because they have fallen behind on a certain topic, a tutor will spend time finding where they are going wrong and make sure they understand the topic before moving to another topic.

Naz - Founder

Favourite part of the job?

I am very fortunate to have found what I love and that is to help children succeed and realise their potential. This isn't a job to me, it's something I am passionate about and love doing.

Keys to being a successful student?

Repetition is the mother of education but repetition and understanding of why you do what you do.. will make the student unstoppable.


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