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Teaching experience

I have been teaching for 4 years and absolutely love it. I have taught a range of ages from reception to year 5, but have primarily taught year 3. I also have some experience with teaching children with SEN and EAL. I have been lucky enough to teach in a variety of settings and have gained different experiences from them all. I have had experience with teaching French and have even had the privilege to lead the teaching of French in one of my placements! I adore learning and teaching new languages and try to transfer my enthusiasm to the children. I am a creative and bubbly person, and always try to portray this in my teaching. My aim is to make teaching fun, engaging and personalised for children in order for them to get the most out of their learning experiences. 


What I love about teaching

Everyone remembers the teachers that had a positive influence on their education, the ones who helped you find a way to tackle a question when the method you were using wasn't working. The ones who made learning fun, and reassured you that it's okay to make mistakes. The ones who pushed you outside of your comfort zone to achieve something that they knew you could do. The ones who gave you confidence to believe in yourself. This is the reason I decided to go into teaching. 

I pride myself on making creative, engaging and personalised lessons for children, because I have seen the positive impact it can have on their education. In addition, I make sure that every child I teach feels valued and accepted no matter their ability. 

Most importantly, I endeavour to make learning fun! A classroom without laughter, is not a classroom to me! 


Fun Fact about me

I love to learn languages and can say some basic phrases in 11 languages! 

Year 2 Teacher

Grace M.

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