The Benefits of Online Tutoring

Benefits of Online Tuition

When most people think of tutoring they automatically think of a tutor coming to their home address or having to take their child to the tutors house or agreed venue. This obviously relies on finding a local tutor, that your child connects with, who has the necessary skills and availability.

However, with the innovations in technology and modern teaching, face to face tutoring is not the only effective method to improve your child’s performance. More and more often families are choosing to opt for online tutorial sessions that take place in the comfort of their own home, on their computer, with a specialised tutor, who ordinarily may not of been able to get to their geographic location.

So, if the thought of online tutoring seems daunting, here’s a summary of some of the main benefits:-


Not having to leave the comfort of your own home allows both yourself and the tutor to be more flexible about when and how the tutoring session takes place. Not to mention there is no risk of spreading germs over the net!


Online tuition is generally more affordable that face to face tuition as the tutor does not have to factor in their travel costs or travel time into their hourly rate. You can get the same information, from the same person cheaper- Win/Win!


By doing online tutoring the range of tutors becomes much wider. You can pick from a bigger range of options that would not have necessarily been local enough if you were doing the session in person, therefore opening up a whole new skill range to explore

Familiar Medium

Although the idea of learning through the net may be unusual to you, it is likely to be second nature to your children. Children utilise Zoom or Google Hangout regularly already and love being on the computer. With the use of familiar tools like interactive white boards and share screens children can practice their technology whilst improving on the tutored subject.

So, why not get prepared and ahead of the crowds and try an online tutoring session?

We are offering Trial Online Sessions, please contact us for more information.

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