What’s the difference between Grammar and Private Schools?

This is a question we often hear from our clients or parents we meet at events and fairs

What is the difference between Grammar and Private schools? Are the entrance requirements the same? Which one is better?

Let me start by detailing the difference between the two:-

Private schools are not Government funded, they are privately funded by parents. Although some schools do offer scholarships or bursaries to a selected number of students that they believe show real potential in a certain area. (The criteria for this is normally detailed on the schools website) All private schools have entrance exams or interviews but these differ from school to school.

Grammar schools are Government funded, but only children who pass their entrance exams can attend the school. These entrance exams are commonly known as the 11+ exams and are taken in year 6, when a child is 10 or 11 years old. The eleven entrance exams cover one or more of the following topics - verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and maths. The 11+ entrance exam dates change from school to school. Children need at least an 80% pass mark to be in with a chance of being offered a place (this varies between schools).

It is very popular and prudent for parents wanting their child to attend a Grammar school to engage a tutor to prepare them for the 11+ entrance exams, not only to ensure they have the relevant knowledge but to show them exam technique and build their confidence ready for the test.

So which is better?

I think this question is best phrased as… which option is right for our family??

Grammar schools are highly selective and have a strong emphasis on academic achievement- state the 11+ entrance requirement. The academic expectations at Grammar schools is high and for that reason many Grammar schools sit at the top end of the National League tables.

Private school classes are a lot smaller and therefore are able to offer more individualised attention to the students. They also often have a larger range of extra curriculum activities and have top of the range resources available. However, as previously stated, Private schools are funded by parents, therefore making them a large financial commitment and often the deciding factor on whether to opt for a Private or Grammar School.

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