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Adult Tuition

Many adults enjoy learning new skills through private tuition in the comfort of their own home. Whether it is for a higher education, for a job promotion or a birthday gift. Our adult students find our tutors easy to fit into their busy lives. It is more relaxing to learn from home than rushing to a classroom from the office.

Adult tuition can begin and end at any level from beginner to post-doctorate. Our consultants will obtain a self-assessment of your current level and aims to select an initial tutor. The tutor will then construct the right program for you on the first session.


From sciences to languages, from accounting to computers and from music to drawing, our adult students find great satisfaction in the learning process.


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Home Schooling

Powertutors is experienced at structuring customised at-home education programmes for children of all ages. GCSE and As/A-level Re-sit programs are also available.


These enable a young person to retake any number of modules more efficiently than a college because the tuition is completely tailored to their weaknesses rather than to the general profile of a classroom group.


At Powertutors, we believe that each child is capable of producing good result by encouragement and right method of teaching.

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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At Powertutors, we carefully select our tutors who have the appropriate experience and/or the qualifications to work with children with special educational needs.


Our tutors have the appropriate SEN qualification and the majority offer SEN assessments which will allow the tutors to assess the students individually to tailor their teaching techniques to ensure the student reaches their optimum potential.

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