Private Tuition

Powertutors provides qualified and experienced tutors who can help students of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals and build their confidence. Powertutors offers individually screened local tutors whose expertise includes exam preparation ranging from SATS to GCSE, AS, A-level and beyond.


We have tutors who can coach children through the 7+, 11+ and common entrance exams to gain entrance to highly selective Grammar and Independent schools.


Please fill in the online inquiry form below to begin the registration process. You are not obliged to enrol. The purpose of filling in this form is to provide our consultants with a brief background about the student's needs. Once you have decided to complete your registration, we will complete a full requirement profile and begin selecting tutors for you or your child.

We recognise the importance of choosing the right tutor for your child or yourself, and we match you with the best tutor available.

Senior Tutor

A senior tutor has graduated from university and has had 0 to 5 years of teaching or tutoring experience.

Elite Tutor

An Elite tutor is a qualified teacher and  has over 5 years of tutoring and/or teaching experience.

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