Online Home Schooling

Client Terms and Conditions

  1. The Powertutors Virtual School Service is provided as a service of knowledge intended to provide a structured space in which lessons will be delivered based on and in line with current syllabus and curriculum. The contents of the Art sessions will vary at the tutors discretion. 

  2. The service is not intended to be a childcare service, therefore will not assume the responsibility of caring for your child before, during or after any of the sessions. Furthermore, you should ensure that there is at all times, adequate supervision for your child in the house/location where the sessions are taking place

  3. The Virtual School Service is provided via an internet connection. Powertutors cannot be held responsible for the speed or consistency of the connection in your home.

  4. The Virtual School Service is a subscription service. Initial subscription is 4 weeks paid in advance, followed by a weekly subscription thereafter. The subscription is fixed and not variable regardless of number of sessions attended within the week.

  5. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the Virtual School experience, you retain the right to cancel your initial subscription immediately after the first session. The refund will be for all remaining sessions due in the 4 week period. After the initial 4 weeks have elapsed, your subscription to the Virtual School may be cancelled with 1 full week’s notice.

  6. Powertutors seeks to employ the services of the very best knowledge / experience available in the education sector. Whilst we do so with the intention of delivering consistent tutors in all sessions, we reserve the right to change the tutor responsible for leading the sessions. We will communicate any changes via email, our website and our social media pages.

  7. Powertutors Virtual School has a guarantee of no homework.

  8. Powertutors reserve the right to discontinue any students membership if the student has disruptive behaviour and continuously distracts other students in the classroom.


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