11+ Entrance Examination

Powertutors offers two 11+ exam preparation services, one to one tuition and small group tutoring.

Eleven plus one to one tutoring

Powertutors provides qualified and experienced tutors who can help students prepare for their 11+ and  13+ entrance exams. Depending on the school that the student is aiming to apply for, our tutors will tailor their teaching material and focus on the exam question level that is most suitable for the student.


11+ Group tutoring

Our 11+ Exam group tutoring are tailored to Year 4 (currently unavailable) and Year 5 students.
The courses are run by experienced, qualified teachers and cover Maths and English. 
Weekly price - £39.99

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11+ Preparation - Saturdays

Teacher: Katie A. - This class covers Maths and English (1 hour of each subject per week). The class is tailored to Year 5 students and focuses on exam style questions and past papers.

The students are closely monitored and a traffic light report is provided upon request. Their teacher will also focus on how to structure answers and time management during the exam.