11+ Entrance Exam Tips

Tip Number 1 - Balance

11+ is a very stressful process for children and parents too! At the age of 9 - 11, the majority of the children still struggle to understand the importance of these tests. So rather than stressing the importance of the child passing, our advice is to focus on balance.


Have you ever wondered why the children are quicker to learn patterns but find it more challenging to apply them to the problem solving questions?


Well, take maths for instance, we are so focused on ensuring they know their multiplication tables and mental maths that parents often forget to teach the children the importance of maths in day to day life. That's how balance comes into play, in addition to teaching them multiplication table, ask them questions relating to real life scenarios without them even realising you are testing their maths skills.


For example: take them with you shopping and ask them to add up the shopping or calculate the percentage discounts.

Tip Number 2 - Research

11+ exams are different in each private and grammar school. It is important that you prepare your child according to the specific schools expectations and exam style. 

Some schools do not provide specimen or past papers on their sites, in this case, ask the school admissions team for guidance on what to expect.


We have tried to put together as many past papers as possible for you in the above links, but if you don't find a specific one, be sure to contact us and we might be able to help you. 

Tip Number 3 - Do not rely on the current schools mock exam

Some primary schools will offer 11+ mock exams which they try to design based on ISEB guidelines. The problem is, the school will only test the children based on the topics they have taught them. The tests are generally a lot easier because they do not contain the typical problem solving questions which the majority of children struggle with.

The best way to test them is either through an external tutor!

Powertutors also hosts 11+ Mock exams a few times a year. Please enquire to find out about the next date.

Tip Number 4 - Interview questions

In addition to the exams, the children will have an interview at the chosen school. The interview itself can be quite a scary process but you must let your child be themselves. The majority of schools are looking for talented, independent and original children who are not afraid to express their thoughts.

Every child has their own unique talent and if you help them to realise it themselves then the chances are they will love their talents even more. 

We believe the best way to practice for 11+ interview questions is by having friends, family or a tutor have a conversation with the child where by they ask them the typical interview questions and the child gets used to talking and answering the questions in a more natural way. This way when it comes to the interview their answers will not seem rehearsed and the child will be more confident in answering what they have already practiced.

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