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"Are you stressed or anxious about choosing your child's first school?”.

The average child in the UK will spend eleven years of their life at school, so it is hardly a surprise that parents invest so much time and get so anxious about picking and of course getting the right school for their child. Many factors can play a part in a parents decision making when choosing a school. Knowing where to start with the selection process and deciding which reason to put the biggest emphasis on is often very difficult and can quickly become overwhelming. Parents worry if they are choosing the right school for their child and if they are making the decision based on the right reasons. With this in mind, we would like to offer our advice on the 4 things we think you should con

The EHCP Minefield

Working in the Education Sector alongside Tutors and Teachers, we often get asked our advice and guidance on the EHCP(Education, Health and Care Plan) process and how best to ensure a child’s Special Educational Needs (SEN)are met sufficiently Below are a 4 things we think everyone should know before you apply for an EHCP:- 1. SEN-CO Every school gets a SEN budget to spend within the school to help and support their pupils. This is normally managed by the Head Teacher or the school SEN-CO. If you have concerns, the first step would be to arrange a meeting with them and ask them to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) 2. Diagnosis Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a diagnosis i


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