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NEW Maths GCSE Grading

1.Grade 8 To achieve grade 8, candidates will be able to: perform procedures accurately interpret and communicate complex information accurately make deductions and inferences and draw conclusions construct substantial chains of reasoning, including convincing arguments and formal proofs generate efficient strategies to solve complex mathematical and non-mathematical problems by translating them into a series of mathematical processes make and use connections, which may not be immediately obvious, between different parts of mathematics interpret results in the context of the given problem critically evaluate methods, arguments, results and the assumptions made 2.Grade 5 To achieve grade 5, c

Autism and Bullying - by Stephanie

Note : This is a guest post written by Stephany from Steph was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at the age of 8. In her blog, she evaluates her life with Aspergers and shares her innermost thoughts with the readers. Please share the post to help raise awareness. "...In the recent publication by the National Autistic Society “B is for bullied”, estimates are that over 40% of children on the autistic spectrum have been bullied at school. My guess is that that estimate accounts for pretty much every child on the spectrum who was educated in a mainstream environment but I can’t be sure. The report details ways in which children with autism are excluded and belittl


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